"You are lucky that you will be fighting me. I will kill you quickly; Faust would most likely make you his eternal slave." -Telos the Burning


Telo the Burning is a Goliath who was one of the first mortals to be corrupted by Faust. He is very powerful, and wields a great warhammer capable of destroying castles with one hit.
Demon Warrior

Telo the Burning


How Telo the Burning became a servant to Faust is quite unclear. The Cult of Faust has a strong belief that Telo once cahllenged to a battle Faust before he became a demon prince. He humiliated Faust and sent him to exile in shame, and Faust eventually stumbled into the Elemental Chaos soon after. Faust then found Telo, and killed him in a second battle. Faust then ressurected the fallen goliath and made him his immortal servant, and made it so if Telo ever tried to cross Faust, he would be set ablaze and die from his wounds. One thing known about Telo is his warhammer: Wandschalter, a warhammer said to be capable of bringing down entire fortresses in a single blow. Wether this is true or not, Telo is viewed as a powerful and evil entity among the Cult of Faust.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Faust is seven feet, ten inches tall and weighs three hundred and fifty pounds. His skin is charred black, and the colors of fire glow from several scars he suffered while fighting Faust. The colors also glow from his eyes and mouth. Like all goliath, he has no hair.


Telo has a deep hatred of arcane magic users, and will usually charge these people, marking them. He has the ability to attack multiple people with his warhammer, but his no ranged capabilities.


Telo's hammer, Wandschalter, is very powerful, and over seven feet long. His armor is forged from the bones of his fallen enemies, and was forged in the River of Lava.