Michael is an archangel, and is the Archangel of War. He jointly serves Bahamut and Kord. He is married to the Archangel of Peace, Lucy.


Michael, The Archangel of War


Michael became an archangel after he killed a forgotten demon prince (believed by many to be the previous Undead Prince before whoever came before Orcus) in single combat when he came to attack Bahamut's domain. Bahamut then made him an Archangel, and claimed him as one of his. Kord, however, believed the new archangel should serve him as he became one by killing a Demon Prince and ending a war in battle. Bahamut and Kord debated, until Ioun suggested they both use him as a servant. They agreed, sending him to do their work throughout the Astral Sea. Michael has never visited the Mortal World, as most immortals don't mingle with mortal affairs.


Michael wears bronze plate armor that covers his chest. His greaves and bracers are also bronze. He carries a large spear, but it can also transform into other weapons. He is famous for his incredibly large shield, which is said to be invulnerable and able to block anything.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Being an archangel, Michael has no definitive form. His true form however, has him over forty feet tall with long black hair and clean shaven. He is very strong, able to lift almost anything in even his smallest form.


Michael has the ability to take out legions of enemies at a time. In single combat, he will most likely try to disarm an opponent, and then finish them.