Lucy, Archangel of Peace


Lucy is the Archangel of Peace and Hope. She serves all of the Great Divines, except for Kord and The Raven Queen. She is married to the Archangel of War, Michael.


Lucy became an Archangel as a mortal. As a human, her home were invaded by the Acemer in the Conqueror Wars. She would talk with soldiers on both sides about peace and how the war was pointless. She was so charming and charasmatic, she convinced both sides to stop fighting. When the elves returned to Acemer, the Emperor of Imperium ordered his army to invade the Acemer. The Army, however, refused as they knew Lucy would be saddened by the newly restarted agression. In anger, the Emperor had his cruelest assassin go kill Lucy. She was attacked during the Feast of Bahamut, stabbed in the chest by the assassin. As she died, she pleaded for the crowd to let the man go, as she didn't want more violence and bloodshed to occur. Due to her selfless act, Bahamut made her an Archangel. She began to serve the Great Divines except for Kord and the Raven Queen, as Kord is the God of War and the Raven Queen is the Goddess of Death.


Lucy wears soft blue and white robes. She has only gone to battle twice, never actually killing anyone, but she brings an Angelsteel Breastplate and the Sword of Light. The Sword of Light is said to be able to brighten even the darkest reaches of the Abyss and the Shadowfell.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Like the other Archangels, she can change form. Her true form is a young woman no older than twenty seven with blond hair and what is described by mortals as a perfect body.

Lucy as she unleashes light to blind her foes.


Lucy cannot bring herself to directly hurt anything, but will support her allies greatly. During her few battles, she would unleash a great flash of light to blind her enemies. She could also stun them by causing them to gaze at her when she removes her hood in her Archangel form. If one of her allies are ever knocked out, she can revive them by kissing them. There is also a chance her kiss could revive the dead, but she has never tried to prove this.