Junnesejer is the name of the eastern region. The word Junnesejer is draconic for Kings of the East.

Pre-Common Year HistoryEdit

Junnesejer's history dates back to a time when dragons ruled over the Mortal World, making it the oldest region
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Junnesejer is the large Eastern Region.

in the Mortal World. Eventually, the mortals grew tired of their Dragon overlords, and they revolted. The race that led this revolt were the Dragonborn, a mixture of dragon and mortal blood. The rebellion was deadly and long, but the mortals prevailed, and dragons no longer ruled over all. The next problem was that the mortals created tribes that constantly were at war with each other. One of these tribes was called the Sahrot, or The Mighty. The Sahrot tribe conquored 299 other tribes in the region and formed a great empire. This empire eventually controlled all of the Mortal World.

Fall of the Sahrot EmpireEdit

Soon after the Sahrot Empire controlled all, the new emperors became worse and worse, and the empire began to fall. Eventually, a war known as Faalhevnograh, the The Great Battle, erupted in the west, the south, and the north. In the North, the human race won a decisive victory, when Tonnan the Great defeated the Sahrot Army at the Battle of Highrule. The dwarves won a slightly easier victory in the south, when Oin Shieldbreaker annihilated the Sahrot Army at the Battle of the Pointed Star. The elves barely won their victory, and finally defeated the Sahrot Army at the Battle of the White Sands. After they lost all these territories, the Sahrot retreated back east, along with the rest of the Dragonborn race.

Common Year HistoryEdit

Nobody has seen or heard from the Dragonborn in many years. All expiditions to Junnesejer have failed, as all ships that go do not come back. Many people believe the Sahrot Empire still lives, and that they are plotting to retake the world.


Junnesejer is diverse, with forests and snow up north, and humid jungles in the south and of Lotkopraan. Mountains and valleys are common up north, with large plains in between them.

These regions are the last known before the Dissapearance of the Dragonborn. The Regions of Junnesejer are:

  • Lotkopraan
  • Bexklo
  • Krahkoor
  • Sahqonqethsegol
  • Unslaadfeykro