Gabriel is the Archangel of Death. He serves the Raven Queen, and is considered to be the least benevolent of the Archangels.

Gabriel, the Angel of Death

He is also the oldest.


How Gabriel became the Archangel of Death was very much unknown until the Temple of the Raven. Gabriel began as an Avenger who served the Raven. He was said to be best, travelling all across the world, killing undead wherever he found it. Being an elf as a mortal, he was able to do his work much longer than other Avengers. During one of his many adventures, when he was already age 180, he found a sect of Vecna's cult of over 1,000 that was in possession of the Sword of Kas, which could kill Vecna. He prayed to the Raven Queen for a long time and charged into the cave the cult was hidden in. During his charge, he grew black wings, and his sword transformed into a scythe. He spent eight days killing the cultists, including the ones that tried to flee from him. During his final battle with the cult leader, who wielded the Sword of Kas, he was badly wounded, but won the battle. He preformed a ritual that opened a portal to the Astral Sea and threw the sword in. He died just five minutes later. In the Shadowfell, he was approached the Raven Queen herself. She made him an Archangel, and he served her exclusively.


Gabriel wears red plate armor and wields a sword that can transform into scythe. The sword can kill most undead in a single hit. He also carries a trumpet he blows when he charges into battle.

Physical DescriptionEdit

In life, Gabriel was an elf (raised by humans in Acemer) and had long black hair that stayed that way until death. He was around six feet tall.


Gabriel will start battle by intimidating his enemies with his trumpet, which can strike fear into their hearts as they hear the Archangel of Death approaching. He uses a combination of magic and swordplay to defeat his enemies, usually targeting the closest ones.