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The Demon Prince of Fire.


Faust is one of the most powerful demon princes in existance, calling himself the Demon Prince of Fire. He is one of the leaders of the Blood War against Asmodeus and his devils.


Faust's birthdate is unkown, but is believed to be at around 5000 BCY by his cultists. Faust was once a human, who was unlucky enough to stumble into the elemental chaos. He discovered an artifact that allowed him to consume the souls and power of slain fire elementals while hiding with a group of genasi. He consumed the power of dead elementals he found while venturing, allowing him to neglect food, water, and sleep. Eventually, he became immortal and slowly became twisted by spending time in the abyss. When the Blood War erupted, he became a warrior to the demons, fighting many battles against the forces of Hell. During one battle, a hundred fire elementals were killed nearly simultaneously and all their souls and power were absorbed by Faust. He became even more mad and fled into the Abyss. When he emerged a thousand years later, he slaughtered a large army of devils ready to invade the Abyss. Faust proclaimed himself the Demon Prince of Fire, and swore to take over Hell, and rule over it's Nine Domains. He also began to focus his attention to the Mortal World and it's echos, occasionally leading small demon forces to search for devils hiding in the world.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Faust can turn into the form of any living humanoid, and many other twisted creatures. His true form is of a fat man riding on four to six insectoid legs, with scaly wings on his back. He has many horns on his head, and red light glows from his mouth and four eyes.


Faust, in his true form.


Faust will bombard any far away enemies with fireballs of great size, some larger than houses. In melee, he summons bursts of fire around him. He also uses a large one handed axe when his enemies have little or no armor. Enemies attacking him with weapons forged from mortal steel must be wary, as the Demon Prince of Fire's body tempreature is so high, it can potentially melt the weapon.


Faust wields an axe that can be wielded in one hand. The axe can change size, according to Faust's form. The blade itself is shaped like flames and is believed to have been forged by the flames in the River of Lava. Faust wears no armor, especially metal armor, as it can melt into his skin and cause discomfort.