Etos is the Demon Prince of Power. He is Faust's only true ally and leads his armies when Faust is not present.



Etos, the Demon Prince of Power.

Etos has made it known to his cult his exact origins. He began as a general of the Ancient Sahrot Empire, and helped forge more than half of it's territory. During one of his campaigns, him and an army of ten thousand stumbled into a portal that led into the Elemental Chaos. He found himself and his army in the domain of the old Demon Prince of War, who's name has been forgotten to history. He fought against the demon, and successfully defeated him in a short war. He absorbed the power of the old prince, and became the new Demon Prince of War, with his men becoming an army of demons. Etos then met Faust five hundred years later. Realising that Faust could be a very valuable ally, since he could manipulate what was considered the most dangerous element of all, he became an ally of Faust rather than attempting to go to war with him. The two fought often in the Blood War, until a truce was called. However, Etos has not stopped his planning for the war, and continues to develop strategies to this day to fight Asmodeus and his legion of devils.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Etos has four faces on a head that can rotate 360 degrees. The faces represent courage, power, intelligence, and resourcefulness.
Belial Concept

Etos's full form.

Etos lacks legs, as he normally flies. His arms are almost as long as his body, and only have three fingers, including a very long middle one. Arcane energy makes up most of his chest cavity. This is considered one of his weak points, so he keeps heavy bone armor forged from the River of Lava over the area.


Etos wears very strong, but also heavy and uncomfortable, armor forged from the River of Lava. In battle, he carries a large shield with several symbols of war, the most famous being a large sword being struck by lightning from the Abyss. He also carries a sword almost as large as his body, which has a hilt modified to fit his fingers.


Etos's tactics change throughout time, which shows he is very adaptable. One of his tactics are called "The Demon Horns". Demons form a large line, the head. At the sides, lines petrude from the center to form the horns. Enemies are then quickly engulfed by the demons, and usually are killed.