Dabel Lovec is a human who devoted her life to demon hunting.

Dabel Lovec, Demon Huntress


Dabel Lovec was born in 1646 CY. At age twelve, her village was attacked by a band of demons who believed that a devil was hiding among the villagers. Dabel was the only survivor, and she fled to the city of Whiterose. She was taken in by a small group of Demon Hunters, who recruited her after hearing her story. By age eighteen, all the other members of her group were killed. She then took up residence in Clearstream, and eventually her secret was known to the village.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Dabel is five foot, six inches tall and weighs one hundred and ten pounds, not including equipment. Her eyes and hair are brown. Her hair is usually kept in a ponytail, usually under a hood. She has the words Ah Do tattooed over her belly button, and the word Vokul tattooed under. The words are draconic for Hunter of Evil. She also has more platting over her left shoulder, where she once was hit by an arrow.


  • Multi Arrow- Dabel can make a crossbow bolt or arrow split into six projectiles, making her able to hit 12 enemies at once.
  • Dragon Fist- Dabel has trained herself to wield Dragon Magic, and applies this to her melee attacks. The Dragon Fist power doubles her damage output while adding fire damage.
  • Dragon Kick- Similar to the Dragon Fist, but more powerful and less accurate.
  • Dragon Tooth- A move preformed with her katars, it enhances their power with fire.
  • Dwiinfeyn- "Steel Bane", a punch imbued with so much draconic power, it has a chance to break an enemy's armor.
  • Agahraan- "Burning Wound", a power that imbues her crossbows with draconic energy, causing them to cause grevious wounds.
  • Goveyzahkrii- "Remove Sword", a power that increases the speed of either one of Dabel's bolts or one of her strikes three fold, making it harder to block or dodge, and causing an enemy to become so startled, he loses his weapon.


Dabel likes to keep distance from her enemies, firing her two hand crossbows. When getting into melee however, she will usually disarm her opponent, and finish them with her two katars.


  • Dual Hand Crossbows- Two hand crossbows with etchings in the Abyssal language. The symbols enchant the crossbows with special magic, such as they ability to fire multiple shots from a single bolt.
  • Dual Katars- Dabel's two katars are hidden, and can be activated by a flick from her wrist.
  • Modified Leather Armor- Leather armor with steel plating on areas that aren't flexible.