Gabriel, the Archangel of Death


Lucy, Archangel of Peace


Archangels are servants to the gods. They are the most powerful beings in the Astral Sea, other than the gods themselves.

Michael, The Archangel of War


The Archangels were appointed by the gods soon after the end of the Dawn War. The gods wanted the most powerful in their service, but could find nobody that stood out, and the idea was almost entirely forgotten. Then, an elf known as Gabriel caught the attention of the Raven Queen after he almost completely destroyed the cult of Vecna. The Raven Queen made Gabriel the first Archangel, which made the gods remember their old idea. They then were on the lookout again. Eventually, an angel known as Michael stood out by defeating a large army of demons and a demon prince, single handedly. Kord and Bahamut made him an Archangel to serve them both. The gods thought that he would be the final Archangel, until another mortal named Lucy stood out. She ended a war simply by sweet words, which caught the attention of all but Kord and the Raven Queen. When she died, Bahamut made her an archangel, but she chose to serve all the gods, except for Kord and the Raven Queen. The gods still consider accepting Archangels, but are not as vigilant as before.

Current ArchangelsEdit

  • Gabriel- The Archangel of Death
  • Michael- The Archangel of War
  • Lucy- The Archangel of Peace