Acemer is the most western region in the Mortal World. Acemer is controlled by an elven empire of the same name.

Pre-Common Year HistoryEdit

Acemer was at one point, just a bunch of small jungle tribes that fought for territory and slaves. Soon after the Sahrot invaded, the tribes began to fight their invaders instead of each other. Soon, all but one tribe was conquerored, the Acemer. The Acemer were legendary for their stealth and perception, and were masters of the bow. The Acemer was barely a tribe, as they had over 100,000 people who lived within their great city, almost eight-tenths of which were warriors. The Acemer began to fight back hard with guerilla tactics, ambushing army
The World Map

Acemer is the large Western Region.

patrols with large amounts of archers hiding in the jungles of Nidaaz. Eventually, the Acemer gained enough influence to create an army larger than that of the entire Sahrot Army worldwide. The Battle of the White Sand proved deadly, and the Acemer won the battle. The Acemer had many of the Sahrot structures destroyed, and they established a new empire.

Common Year HistoryEdit

The Acemer took over all of the region they lived on. In hopes of expansion, they invaded the already freed human empire, Imperium. The war was not long or very deadly, as many soldiers refused to fight under the influence of Lucy. As a result, the Acemer decided to stay within their borders. The Acemer and the Nordun Empire was close to war, but Imperium prevented a potentially deadly war. Acemer now is the richest empire, but argueably the least powerful.


Acemer is mostly jungle, though the northern and southern parts of Acmer become flat plains with some small forests.

Acemer has three regions:

  • Nidaaz
  • Unahzaalvah
  • Vahdinbrod


Acemer is a hierarchy, and is ruled by a king called the Kreinfahliil, or Sun Elf.